Financial Support

Students receive generous financial support during the program to help them meet their personal expenses, regular research-related expenses, their requirements for hardware and software to facilitate research work, and expenses related to fieldwork, conferences, and workshops. The details of the same are provided below:

  • A full tuition fee and hostel expenses waiver
  • A monthly stipend of Rs.35,000 till clearing of Comprehensive Qualifying Exams (CQE). After clearing the CQE, the monthly stipend will be revised to Rs.37,000 till the submission of the thesis proposal and post that Rs. 40,000 till the end of their fourth year in the programme. The monthly stipend support can be extended for six months for a maximum of two times after that with the concurrence of the DAC and the DPR Committee. If extended two times, the stipend will be paid till May of the student’s fifth year.
  • Start-up Grant: A start-up grant of Rs.50,000 (for purchasing computer hardware and software) is available when students join the programme.
  • Conference Grant: The institute will support up to Rs.3,00,000/- per student during their stay as full-time students for attending national and international conferences.
  • Contingency Grant: A contingency grant of Rs.30,000/- per year is allowed on a reimbursement basis for purchase of hardware, software, books, databases, data collection expenses, conference expenses and any other items directly related to the programme for a maximum of 4 years.
  • Fieldwork Grant: Students undertaking field research will be eligible for the Field Research Grant up to a maximum limit of Rs.50,000/-.