Student Theses

S.No Batch Name of the Scholars Area of Specialization Year of Graduation Title of the Thesis
1 2012 Suja Sekhar F&A Graduated in 2018 Three Essays on Capital Market Interactions by Indian Firms
2 2014 Abhishek Vashishth OM&DS Graduated in 2021 Integrated Management System Implementation in Indian SMEs
3 2014 Mayank Kumar IS&A Graduated in 2021 Information Technology    in Healthcare:    A    Practice-based Empirical Examination in India
4 2014 Jitesh Mohnot Strategy Graduated in 2021 Towards decolonizing 'Strategic Management': An Ethnographic enquiry into Marwaris' practices, delivering ongoing stability and advantage
5 2014 Manu Prasad OB&HR Graduated in 2021 Of Names and their (Mis)use: Name Dropping as a Tactic of Deceptive Influence at the Workplace
6 2014 Padmavathi Shenoy OB&HR Graduated in 2021 Scaling Social Impact through Field-level Logic Hybridization Process Case study from Community Ophthalmology Field
7 2014 Sudeep Rohit Marketing Graduated in 2021 A Value-in-Use perspective of counterfeits
8 2014 Arunkumar T V Strategy Graduated in 2021 Business Group Affiliation, Strategy, and Performance
9 2015 Rahul S OB&HR Graduated in 2021 The Change Recipient's Vantage Point: An Exploration Through the Lenses of Identity Threats, Autonomous Identities, and Identity Work
10 2015 Vimal Kumar M IS&A Graduated in 2021 Examining Multiple Facets of the Digital Divide: Empirical Studies on Access, Capabilities and Outcomes
11 2016 S B Farheen Fathima OB&HR Graduated in 2021 Understanding Employee Engagement and Disengagement in Global Virtual Teams (GVTs): Nature, Conditions and Interferences
12 2014 Kumaravel S OM&DS Graduated in 2022 Essays on Behavioral Aspects in Supply Chain Contracts
13 2015 Chada Swechha F&A Graduated in 2022 Three Essays on Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from India
14 2015 Narendra Nath Kushwaha F&A Graduated in 2021

Three Essays on Corporate Governance in India