Application and Selection Process

The selection process at IIM Trichy is multi-staged. All stages of this process are equally important for a potential candidate seeking an admission into the program.

Stage 1: Submission of the application form Candidates interested in pursuing the Doctoral Programme in Management at IIM Tiruchirappalli (IIMT), begin their application process by submitting their application form and all associated submissions (academic record documents, certificates, qualifying examination scores, application fees etc.). It is at this stage, that candidates express their interest to pursue their DPM at IIMT by choosing to apply to one or two areas of interest (Click here). This is the first opportunity of communication that the candidate is provided to help members in the admission committee, understand their motivation to pursue research in a particular area and join IIMT. Candidates must ensure that they provide all necessary information requested in the form, as well as provide photocopies of any supporting documents that they wish to submit to strengthen their candidature. These application forms and supporting evidences will be scrutinized, based on which a shortlist will be released. Candidates who qualify to enter the next stage of the admission process will be intimated accordingly.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the admission process will require the shortlisted candidates to travel to IIMT. These stages are typically held in the month of March. These stages will be held on two consecutive days. IIM Tiruchirappalli will reimburse to and fro travel expenses between the railway station at the place of residence (as given in the application form) and Tiruchirappalli, limited to III AC train fare, to shortlisted candidates.

Stage 2: Research Aptitude Examination and Area Interview This stage of the admission process requires the candidates to participate in one or both of the following processes, as:

  • Research Aptitude Examination: This will be a written examination, that is conducted by some of the areas. This examination is conducted to test the candidates research aptitude in a particular area of specialization. Thus, the content of the examination is very specific to the area. It may range from an examination of the candidates’ quantitative aptitude to their ability to understand and analyze/ synthesize research papers.
  • Area Interview: All candidates shortlisted in Stage 1, will be required to attend the personal interview with members of/ experts in their chosen area of specialization.

At the end of the day the shortlists for the next stage will be announced.

Stage 3: Doctoral Program and Research Committee:
This is the final stage of the admission process. It will be held on the day after Stage 2. All candidates shortlisted after stage 2 across all areas will have a personal interview with the Doctoral Program and Research Committee.

Candidates who clear this stage of the process will be sent an offer of admission to the Doctoral Program at IIM Tiruchirappalli.