Programme Goals Programme Outcomes
1. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT COMPETENCY a. Display sound awareness of the Human Resource Management function and its strategic role in an organization.

b. Demonstrate ability to understand human behavior and team behavior in an organization.

c. Display understanding of HR subsystems such as HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Development, Performance management, Compensation Management, Employee and Industrial Relations.

d. Demonstrate awareness of how to manage HR function and gain acceptance from stakeholders.
2. BUSINESS ACUMEN & HR INTEGRATION a. Display sound understanding of the organization and its functioning with respect to business strategy, finance, marketing, operations management, information systems and legal aspects of business.

b. Apply multidisciplinary thinking to address business and HR challenges and opportunities.

c. Demonstrate ability to use an integrative approach in creating value for the business as effective HR business partner with other functions across the organization.
3. DIGITAL & ANALYTICS FLUENCY a. Develop understanding of  latest technology used in HR processes and practices.

b. Demonstrate ability to use technology, analytics and social media in creating value for stakeholders and managing employee interaction.
4. DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT a. Appreciate nuances of a diverse and multicultural workforce and accordingly recommend policies.

b. Demonstrate awareness on how to deal with diverse stakeholders in a professional manner.
5.  LEADERSHIP & CHANGE MANAGEMENT a. Display awareness  of fundamental principles of organization development, change management and HR transformation.

b. Display skills required to lead and manage in organizational contexts.
6. PERSONAL COMPETENCIES a. Develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with diverse set of people and contexts across functions.

b. Demonstrate ability to work in teams.

c. Demonstrate ability to be creative and innovative.

d. Display effective oral and written communication, and professional presentation skills.

e. Demonstrate critical thinking and ability to make reasoned decisions.
7. SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL THINKING a. Demonstrate ability to make business decisions based on ethical considerations.

b. Display awareness of consequences of decisions and actions on people, business, society and environment.