Programme Structure

Rigorous coursework focused on research training

The program is designed to help students complete their dissertation within a period of five years. In the first eighteen months, students are required to complete a coursework which exposes them to general management subjects, fundamental courses to gain an appreciation of management research, advanced courses in their respective areas of specialization and courses in research methodologies. In total a student has to earn a minimum of 54 credits.

  • Area specialization compulsory courses (Doctoral level) – 12 Credits.
  • Area specialization elective courses (Doctoral level) – 9 credits.
  • Research appreciation Courses (Doctoral level) – 6 credits.
  • Methodology courses (Doctoral level) – 6 credits.
  • General Management courses (PGPM level) – 15 credits.

In addition to the classroom courses, each student initiates a ‘Research Paper’ during the two-month summer break between Year 1 & Year 2 and continues to work on the paper during the second year for a total of 6 credits. Each student works with a designated research guide for this component of the coursework.

Note: A three credit course involves total classroom input of 30 hours. Each course involves assignments and submissions which students have to work upon beyond class hours.

Comprehensive Qualifying Examination: To proceed further on their research journeys, students are required to clear their CQEs conducted by their respective areas of specialization. The CQE has three components – a written exam, viva voce and examination of the status of the 'Research Paper'.


Students who hold a PGDM from any IIM or a PGPBM from IIMT will be exempt from the PGPM courses offered in year one, provided the student has a CGPA of 2.55/4.33 or equivalent and has obtained the diploma within 5 years from the year of admission to the DPM program.

Other students who have an MBA/equivalent from other institutes/universities may apply for course-wise waivers for PGPM Courses. They will be given waivers subject to successfully clearing an examination and viva to be conducted by the respective course instructor. Those who have got course waivers in basic courses may start with advanced courses.

All students have to undergo the DPM level courses that will be offered in Year 1.