K Balamurugan

Partner, Tira Consulting Private Limited

Mid-senior to senior leaders also needs reinforcement, clear cob webs of experience and further polishing of their skills. Going by the experience in first two semesters, this program provides immense opportunity for the same. Case studies, insightful lectures, group work provide avenues for relentless reflection and helps individuals to upgrade themselves. Another key advantage in this programme is unmatched peer learning. Having high energy individuals, successful in their own right, brings rich diversity and perspective to the business situations discussed.

PGPBM at IIM Tiruchirapalli has been a remarkable experience for the past 7 months. The in-house and visiting faculty has vast experience and they are able to share a lot of teaching and industry experience with us. We have been able to attend the program because of its flexible timing in the evenings. We are able to learn many management principles and upgrade our skills through this rigorous programme.

Koushik Srinivasan

Associate Architect, TVS Infotech Ltd.

Prathish Soosai Antony

Senior Analyst, Bank of America

The program has helped me to hone my leadership capabilities. So far, it has helped me to understand quantitative techniques and its power to help organizations. Our exposure to marketing and its research techniques is interesting. In short each subject, in each trimester has got its own uniqueness. This course is definitely recommended for professionals who are in the stage of moving from a technical to managerial role.

I am pursuing my ICWAI final course along with PGPBM. The programme's quality and its application oriented case studies enhanced my conceptual clarity, and clear ICWAI Group III exams in subjects such as Marketing Management with ease. The courses covered so far has helped bridge the knowledge gap between my engineering and accounting professions. In-depth engagement of the quantitive methods courses have proved to be valuable in my work role of evaluating business requirements on production planning and the need of optimization tools at my organization."

M Rajsundar

Divisional Manager (Projects), Wheels India

D Sakthivel

Manager, Design, Vestas Technology

Before I joined PGPBM, I had a certain view on business operations. However, the programme has transformed me and I am now able to appreciate the diversity of perspectives and various facets of business environment. It has been a great learning experience. The need to balance studies and work has helped me enhance my time management skills, an essential for the executives.

IIM Tiruchirappalli ’s PGPBM Program helped me on developing deep understanding of business & management concepts, through rigorous learning and interaction with faculty members and fellow classmates. PGPBM program’s curriculum is well aligned with the current business scenario and global business environment. After using the principle of ‘doing & learning’ for a certain years in the industry, this program helps me to use the ‘learning & doing’ principle, thus applying the learned concepts immediately in the industry.

D Uma Anand

Manager, Engineering -Caterpillar India Engineering Design Centre

M Vinod Kumar

Regional Manager, Customs Brokerage & Compliance, DHL Logistics

IIMT’s PGPBM imparts one with the critical knowledge vital for success in the business world. All the elements of the programme, including text books, faculty members, and class room discussions enrich the experience of the programme.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. As rightly said by Benjamin Franklin, PGPBM at IIM Tiruchirappalli has given me an invaluable and enriching experience working through case studies and discussions on real-life business problems with excellent professors and peers from various industries. This program has enhanced my critical thinking and problem solving skills and helped me understand different facets of business

Aarti Satyamurthy

Senior Consultant, Drivesteam India Pvt Ltd.

M Alagappan

Senior Analyst, Caterpillar

PGPBM is not just a programme. It is an experience. Faculty’s vast knowledge, industry expertise, diverse students, exciting real life case studies, learning through debate and good infrastructure make this programme valuable. I feel privileged and enjoying every moment. PGPBM is certainly the turning point in my career and am sure that this will help me to prosperous in future.

Enrolling in this programme was a valuable investment for me. The splendidly designed course and the faculties are dedicated experts in their fields, sharing wealth of their experience and wisdom. The varied professional and educational backgrounds of fellow students made for lively, enriching discussions of real-world case studies. I would recommend this programme to anyone seeking a step up in their career prospects in addition to gaining a broad-based education that would be a great asset in today's global economy.

Deepak Sivasubramanian

Business Development Manager, Extron Electronics

Keerthi Balu

Senior Designer, Easi-Allegis Service India Ltd.

PGPBM at IIM-Tiruchirappalli has been rewarding in every aspect. Way the course is structured, strikes the right balance between work, life and study. The design of the course is effective, gives all round experience and provides ample opportunities to learn about myself which matters me most.

This course is really good for working executives, as I enjoy the teachings of dedicated professors. The entire course is a pre-planned to which our able professors have given enough foresight. The professors are experts in the subject area and have years of experience in the field. The Centre is in the heart of city, which makes travel easy. This course comes with no excess fees for books, facilities (Library, Wi-Fi, and additional working hours at the Centre) or any additional materials as the institute bears the costs. It’s like pay fees and enjoy the shared learning (Focus only on the learning). It’s more of shared learning and hence a good experience.

R Lakshmana Sudhir

Principal Consultant, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Manish Mathew

Assistant Manager, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.

I am privileged to be a student of IIM Tiruchirappalli . This course helps executives like me to deepen their interest in learning business management without sacrificing their jobs. There are ample opportunities to learn and grow at IIM Tiruchirappalli 's Chennai Centre. It is very professional environment and learning is made interesting and fun here. I feel this is one of the best investment that I have made. I can make an approximate guess that whatever effort that we put in this course, it will have a 3X multiplier effect in our life.

I never knew that there is one IIM at Tiruchirappalli . Digging deep intrigued me to find out more, which led me to PGPBM course 2nd batch admission Process. I feel very lucky that I had time to catch this flight, which will take me higher than where I am. I feel my life has already changed for better. After 8 months and in Term 3, PGPBM is making every effort to transform me from a highly technical role to Technical Leadership role seamlessly. I believe this magical phenomenon just happens here.

Sudha Ponnuswamy

Manager-CAD, Ford Motors

S Padmanabhan

Technical Manager, Alcatel-Lucent India Limited

The course is designed very well and the class room discussions are enriching. This is aided by the case studies and the diverse nature of the batch. The faculty members are experts in their fields and are an asset to this course. The timetable for each term is planned well ahead to help the students plan their professional and personal commitments accordingly. Overall, I am enjoying this learning and it helps me understand different aspects of business management.

I would say PGPBM is one of my wisest investments. Being young, I always thought I had a small downside not choosing the regular PGP. But after few months into the Programme I can only appreciate myself for choosing PGPBM over the regular. The course is a complete package for any budding, practicing or experienced managers. We'd to put ourselves into the shoes of different roles during the course which has eventually enriched us with a 360 degree view of every perspective management deals with.

S Prabhu

Senior Software Engineer, MPhasis

P Santhanam

Senior Manager – HR, Perfetti Vanmelle India Pvt Ltd

The programme is flexible, yet maintains the rigour required at the Institute of this nature. Courses are well designed to suit working professionals. I could personally witness the change in my personality, thought and approach after attending this programme. I would recommend this programme for anyone targeting higher echelons of corporate leadership.

This is the most structured program I’ve experienced and a lot of foresight and planning has gone into its making and execution. If I have to describe it, I would say that it is synonymous with the institute’s motto “Knowledge is Endless”. The faculty members are very experienced and they constantly push you to excel, unearthing the best in you. Personally, I have changed the way I look at people, problems and organizations. The Case Study method, conceptual and peer learning has molded me to suggest and take better decisions at my workplace. This is one amazing, life changing ride that you need to hop onto. It will equip you with the tools, techniques and qualities of a manager that the society seeks today. There is a saying “Future dividends are created in the factories of present investments” and I can proudly say that, this is the best investment I’ve made in my life.

Suraj Mathew Thomas

Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Vishnu Vardhan

Assistant Manager, Grundfos Pumps

Being in technical role all these years, have never had the opportunity to explore the other core areas of management that are essential to excel in a professional career. I strongly believe PGPBM is a complete pack, without which I would never dare to dream of such intensive learning. I feel that I am lucky to be part of diversified 2014-17 group of sharing experiences.