Prof. Yamini S. (Faculty, OM & QT Area)

Title :"Mathematical model to mitigate planning fallacy and to determine realistic delivery time"

Co-authors : Prof. Rahul Marathe, Faculty, IIT Madras.


Planning fallacy is the tendency to underestimate the duration of a task due to the optimistic bias of individuals. We design a mechanism from the principal's perspective (an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)) to mitigate the optimistic bias of agents (a contract manufacturer (CM) and a supplier) in a serial supply chain. The OEM determines the deadline of agents by explicitly factoring the agent's planning fallacy in the model through the cost under-estimation factor. Further, we prove that threshold based incentives are better than lump-sum bonus to motivate the supplier and the CM to mitigate procrastination of task.

Prof. Hari Sreekumar (Faculty, Marketing Area)

Title :"Vagabonds at the Margins: Acculturation, Subalterns, and Competing Worth"

Co-authors : Prof. Rohit Varman, Faculty, IIM Calcutta.


This study examines the cultural experiences of subaltern migrants from Kerala, India to the Middle East. It draws upon the French pragmatic sociology with attention to convention theory to cast in sharp relief different interpretations of worth that influence subaltern migrants or vagabonds as Zygmunt Bauman has labelled them. This study shows that vagabonds use different regimes of worth and justification to resist domination and to shape their cultural encounters with host and home cultures. It explains how existing acculturation research lacks insights about worth and regimes of justification that hinder it from fully understanding the role of domination and cultural experiences of subalterns.

Prof Ayon Chakraborty (Faculty, OM & QT Area)

Title :"Quality Management Practices in SMEs: A Comparative Study between India and Namibia"

Co-authors : Mr. Abhisekh Vashisht, FPM, IIM Trichy & Prof. Michael Mutingi, Namibia University of Science & Technology.


This paper is based on a survey instrument designed by the authors after reviewing the literature on quality management initiatives in SMEs. Sample of 270 SMEs across Southern India and 189 SMEs in Namibia was selected through stratified random sampling technique. Through this painstaking effort of eliciting data from SMEs, the authors have looked at the status of quality management practices in SMEs of emerging economies, and delineated the key issues that lie behind seeming lack of will in SMEs of emerging economies to implement quality management practices.

Abhisekh Vashisht (FPM student)

Title :"Service Research in Asia: Research Paradigm and Productivity"

Co-authors : Prof. Ayon Chakraborty, Faculty, IIM Trichy.


The study analyzes publications in top service journals (Journal of Service Research, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Service Marketing, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Service Industries Journal and Services Marketing Quarterly) in the period 2009 - 2016. Findings suggest high research productivity of researchers from Taiwan followed by Korea and China. Amongst methodologies in use, survey research is most widely used followed by mathematical modeling, lab experiments, interview methods, theoretical modeling, and case study. The most common topics observed are customer satisfaction and relationship, service quality and performance, employee attitude and emotion, service marketing, market positioning and service operations..