In view of the growing importance of good corporate governance and social responsibility of  business corporations and their significant contribution to the national economy, a Centre  for Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (Centre of CG & SR) has been established in the Indian Institute of Management ,Trichy.


  • To serve as a resource center in the areas of good corporate governance and social responsibility of corporations both in the public, private & MNC sectors,

  • To promote global standards of corporate governance, strategic management and innovation, board dynamics and corporate leadership, enterprise risk management, and implementation of company laws, CSR guidelines and SEBI regulations in business corporations

  • To work for fulfilment of corporate obligations towards shareholders and other stakeholders and duties to society and environment

  • To promote ethics, values, transparency and fairness in conduct of business and in corporate affairs,

  • To contribute to sustainable development by Indian corporations in line with the UN sustainable development goals and foster spirit of corporate citizenship among the Indian corporations as per the UN Global Compact

  • To organize national and international conferences, seminars, round tables, management development programs, guest lecturers and other similar events on the above subjects,

  • To analyze governance challenges of state-owned enterprises and recommend reform initiatives for empowerment of the enterprises,

  • To act as a center for sound boardroom practices and capacity building of both board level and below board level functionaries

  • To undertake training, orientation and evaluation of CEOs, Directors, Independent Directors and other executives and managers of corporations as well as other concerned organizations.

  • To provide a forum for study, consultancy and research and build association with government agencies, industry bodies and academic institutions working in these areas.