• To spread education amongst all – students, executive students and corporates
  • To provide facilities for acquisition of knowledge, information and advancement of culture and Indian values
  • To undertake and make available facilities for research in all branches of knowledge, and to establish institutions / centres for this purpose 


Norms and standards for various programmes of the Institute are set by the respective Academic Committee which also monitors progress and achievements of students undertaking various academic programmes.

Admission policy of the respective year duly recommended by the respective academic committee and approved by the board is published in the institute's online admission portal. The portal contains details on admission criteria and selection process for the courses offered.

The courses are conducted as per the concerned manuals. The manual contains Syllabus, Credit requirements, Evaluation procedure, Attendance requirement etc. For details refer programmes page of the institute website.


The Government of India rules and guidelines like Fundamental Rules and Supplimentary Rules, General Financial Rules, CVC Guidelines etc. are followed in discharging the administrative functions.

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1.4.4. Time-limit for achieving the targets 

Time limit for taking decisions varies from each request received from all the sections. The routine matters received from different section are of time-bound nature and disposed of within the given time limit by the institute. The Institute used to take a decision at the earliest possible.
The Institute strives to achieve the target as per the schedule. Related to academics, the Institute is following to conduct and finish the classes, examinations on time as per the academic calendars of various programmes run by the Institute. The academic calendars of various programmes are available here.

11. Grievance redress mechanism

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