1. Disposal of Correspondence

  • Communications received from the government departments, universities, students and public are being attended and disposed of at various levels of the authorities of the Institute.
  • Routine matters are considered and disposed of by respective section heads.
  • Important matters / policy matters are escalated to higher level authorities like Chief Administrative Officer, Dean (Accounts & Administration), Dean (Academics) and Director for consideration and disposal.
  • In matters wherever approval of Board or sub-committees like Finance Committee, Building Works Committee, Campus Development Committee etc, is required, such matters are placed in the respective committee for decision.

2. Channel of Submission of Various Types of Cases and the Level of Final Disposal

S No Type of Cases Level of Final Disposal Channel of Submission
1 Policy matters BoG


2 Annual Plan BoG CAO/Dean/Director
3 All matters on Recruitment Rules BoG SAO-HR/CAO/Dean/Director
4 Appointment/Promotion of Faculty Members BoG SAO-HR/CAO/Dean/Director
5 Appointment / Promotion of non-teaching Group-A Officers BoG SAO-HR/CAO/Dean/Director
6 Appointment / Promotion of Group B & C employees Director SAO-HR/CAO/Dean
7 Admission process Chair Admissions OAA
8 Admissions related travels Director OAA / Chair Admissions
9 Travels Chairman/Director Officer concerned/CAO/Director
10 Transfer/Posting of Group A & B Officers and Group C employees Director SAO-HR/CAO/Dean
11 Office accommodation shifting / allotment of rooms Director SAO-HR/CAO
12 Court Cases Director Officer Concerned  / CAO/Dean
13 BoG Meetings/ Agenda papers Director Officer concerned / CAO / Dean
14 Finance Committee meetings / Agenda papers Director FA&CAO/CAO/Dean
15 Annual Report BoG CAO / Dean / Director
16 Engagement of Consultants BoG Officer concerned / CAO / Dean / Director
17 Training Director Officer concerned / CAO / Dean / Director
18 Budgetary matters BoG FA&CAO/CAO/Dean/Director/Finance Committee
19 Proposal for BE and RE BoG FA&CAO/CAO/Dean/Director/Finance Committee
20 Re-appropriation of funds BoG FA&CAO/CAO/Dean/Director/Finance Committee
21 Audit Objections Director Officer concerned/CAO/Dean
22 No objection for issue of Passport CAO SAO-HR
23 Vigilance Clearance Director SAO-HR/CAO/Dean
24 Record / Review / Weeding out of old files Director Officer concerned / CAO / Dean
25 Appointment of FAA/PIO/APIO Director SAO-HR/CAO/Dean
26 Sanction of leave Director for Faculty & CAO for non-teaching Officer concerned / CAO
27 Engagement of contractors Director Officer concerned/CAO/Dean
28 Payment / Reimbursement of various Bills Director Officer concerned/CAO
29 Acceptance of declaration of Home Town for the purpose of LTC CAO SAO-HR
30 Adjustment / Claim bills of LTC/TA Director ACCTT/FA&CAO/CAO
31 Reimbursement of Telephone Bills Director ACCTT/FA&CAO/CAO
32 Purchase of office equipment Director OAA/CAO
33 Printing Director SAO-HR/CAO
34 Maintenance of Office Equipment Director SAO-HR/CAO
35 All work related to Office Automation/Computerisation Director SYS.ADMN/Chair IT Committee/CAO/Dean
36 Fee of Consultants Director Officer concerned/CAO/Dean
37 Purchase of Stationary Items Director SAO-HR/CAO
38 All matters relating to Dak & Despatch Section Director AO/CAO
39 Purchase of Furniture/Repair/Maintenance Director OAA/CAO
40 Preparation of monthly salary and supplementary bills Director ACCTT/FA&CAO/CAO
41 Preparation of Form-16 and 16-A Director ACCTT/FA&CAO/CAO
42 RTI Replies PIO APIO
43 RTI Appeals FAA APIO
44 Reimbursement of Tuition Fee Bill Director ACCTT/FA&CAO/CAO
Note: Issues where the recommendation of any Committee is required, the concerned Committee will discuss and make its recommendation which will be put up by the concerned Administrative head for approval of the BoG/Director as the case may be through CAO and Dean.

3. Flow-Chart of Decision Making ProcessFlow-Chart of Decision Making Process

1.3.3. Related provisions, acts, rules etc.
          As per IIM Rules 2018
          As per IIM Act 2017
          As per the Service Regulation 2015 approved by BoG
          As per the Notices/Orders issued by IIM Tiruchirappalli from time to time

1.3.4. Time limit for taking a decisions, if any
          Time limit for taking decisions varies from each request received from all the sections. The routine matters received from different section are of time-bound nature and disposed of within the given time limit by the institute. The Institute used to take a decision at the earliest possible.

1.3.5. Channel of supervision and accountability

          The Organizational Chart shows the Channel of Supervision Accountability. The Director is the administrative and academic head of the Institute. Dean (Academics) guides the Academic Department where each programme is managed by its Chairperson, who supervises the work of the staff of their departments and reports to the Director of the institute through the Dean (Academics). Dean (Administration) guides Establishment, Accounts Section, Estate Management and General Administration where various sections are managed by Chief Administrative Officer / Finance Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer / Administrative Officer (as the case may be) and reports to the Director through the Dean (Administration). For details, please refer to the Organizational Chart/structure [Click here].