Globalization has intensified the scope of learning and the pressure of performing. Graduates in business administration are required to develop technical expertise in the field of management and learn about the regional and global eco-system in which they will perform.

At IIM Tiruchirappalli, we want students to gather holistic and global approach and to facilitate this, we have designed the Inbound and Outbound Exchange Programmes. These programmes widen the student's perspective and help them understand the dynamics of management in various foreign countries.

IIM Tiruchirappalli welcomes students from partner institutions to participate in the Inbound Student Exchange Programme and embrace the chance to explore the incredible sights, scenes, people and rich culture of India, centered on the ancient city of Tiruchirappalli, popularly known as the Fabrication Capital of India, and an important seat of learning. We at IIM Tiruchirappalli, offer them the incredible experience of the best of both dichotomies - ancient city and the modern State of the Art Campus of IIM Tiruchirappalli with a host of fun and frolic activities. We help our inbound students to learn from the best faculty and travel to their heart’s content to explore Incredible India.

IIM Tiruchirappalli believes that it is important for aspiring managers to gain international perspective and exposure. Our Outbound Exchange Programme allows students to spend a term at our partner institutions and get exposure of the global business scenario. A plethora of opportunities are provided to expand and enrich knowledge through different academic and cultural exchanges by means of various programs and activities.