ACE Equity, a desktop based application which gives a comprehensive and analytical statistics for company information. Navigation is user friendly. The application is designed in such a manner that with minimal clicks you can achieve the desired output. ACE Equity database covers all companies listed in Indian Stock Exchanges.


A Comprehensive & analytical Application for Mutual Fund Information. Understanding this asset class was never so easy. And to get the mutual fund information in the manner you desired was even more difficult. Presenting Ace MF database, a desktop based application, A COMPREHENSIVE & ANALYTICAL APPLICATION FOR MUTUAL FUND INFORMATION. The database is accurate and consistent. The interface is dynamic and flexible; navigation is user friendly. The application is designed in such a manner that with minimal clicks you can achieve the desired output.


CapEx is a database of investment projects that involve the setting up of new capacities. The name "CapEx" is a concatenation of the short-form of Capacity Expansion, and of Capital Expenditure.

An investment project involves some capital expenditure and it involves some capacity expansion. The CapEx database is about the announcement of such projects, their implementation and their final culmination into new capacities.

The CapEx database captures projects that entail a capital expenditure of Rs.10 million or more.

The CapEx database captures new projects being announced, tracks the various events of the projects in its radar and captures the end of the project. The life-cycle of a project ends when the new capacity is created and deployed into production. Sometimes, the end is less rewarding. A project may get abandoned before its completion. Or, its implementation may get suspended because of some reason.


CAPITALINE is corporate database of Indian companies which contains extensive data on Company such as Bio-data, Collaborators, Expansion Plans, Shareholding Patterns, 10-year Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Schedules & Notes to Account, Fund Flows, Financial Ratios (in all 650 finance fields per company which cover almost 98% of any annual report). It also covers full text of Director's Reports, Auditor's Report, and extensive news clippings of companies.

Thomson Reuters - EIKON

Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance & exact needs, and displayed in a highly visual way that's easy to grasp and act on. 

From the same intuitive desktop or mobile device, you can instantly connect to new and emerging markets, deep and varied pools of liquidity, professional networks and expert support – anywhere, anytime. The result? Comprehensive financial analysis, through which you’ll discover more opportunities and make crucial decisions with confidence.

Financial Times Education

The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world's leading business news and information organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.


INSIGHT is India's leading database portal that provides access to financial information spanning 20 years of history on 10,000 listed, unlisted and PSU companies of India. The information base covers all aspects of the Indian financial markets including the primary markets, secondary markets (stock prices, derivatives) and mutual funds. The portal also provides access to 2 million news abstracts from the leading business dailies and newspapers of the country.


ProwessIQ, or Prowess for Interactive Querying, is a powerful internet-based application for querying CMIE's database on performances of listed and unlisted companies. It is simple and easy to use.  ProwessIQ provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies. The reports provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons. Downloads of source documents interim results, ratings rationales and annual report extracts are part of the service.

Accessing for ProwessIQ database please Click here to follow the website,  download the ProwessIQ client.exe from the website and install with your system​


Prowess is a database of the financial performance of companies. Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of the data. Prowessdx is a delivery of the Prowess database that is specially designed for academia. Prowessdx facilitates easy downloading of the data in simple text format.

The database covers the profit and loss statement, balance sheet and ratios based on these. In the case of listed companies it includes cash flow statement, quarterly financial statements, share prices, corporate action and daily total returns. Financial statements based on consolidated and standalone basis are available. Financial statements are standardized. The database does not suffer from any deliberate survival bias.

Prowessdx delivers data for about 35,000 Indian companies. This includes listed companies, unlisted public companies and private companies of all sizes and ownership groups. It contains time-series data since 1990. 

Prowessdx also includes data for 800 Singapore companies. These are companies that are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. For these companies, accounting and market data are available for six years and three years, respectively.