Journal Article: 'The Relationship Between Dance and Well-Being: Examining Underlying Mechanism & Outcomes' - Prof. Papri Nath


Prof. Papri Nath


Authors’ Names: Parijat Lankea, Papri Nath

Abstract: The present study had a two-fold purpose: first to examine the impact of dance on physical and psychological well-being, and second to explicate the underlying mechanism in the relationship between dance and well-being. The data for the study was collected from 240 respondents, pre-categorized as dancers and non-dancers, basis self-report. Standardized measures were used for psychological resilience, physical, and psychological well-being. The analysis of variance was conducted to assess the difference between dancer and non-dancers’ groups. The results indicate that the dancer group reported experiencing significantly higher physical and psychological well-being than the non-dancer group. Further mediation analysis revealed that psychological resilience mediates the relationship between dance and its impact on physical and psychological well-being. The study implies the advancement of research on dance as a leisure activity.

Journal Name: Journal of World Leisure