Apoorv Khare


Fellow (IIM Calcutta), MBA (Institute of Management Studies, DAVV, Indore)

+91 431 250 5089


Apoorv Khare is a Fellow of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He holds a bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Dr. H. S. Gaur University, Sagar, MP. He did his MBA from Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, MP. Apoorv carries eight years of work experience in Pharmaceutical and Banking sectors in various roles in Sales and Marketing. 
His broad research interests lie in critical marketing and socio-cultural aspects of consumption and markets. His teaching interests are in the areas of Marketing to the BOP consumers, Sales and Distribution Management, and Marketing Semiotics. 

Journal Articles

Jain, R. and Khare A. (2022). | Year – 2022

“Building the Case for Paradigmatic Reflexivity in Strategic Management Research using Entrepreneurial Opportunity as an Exemplar.” Philosophy of Management, Volume 21: 545–568. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40926-022-00201-8.

Khare, A. and Jain R. (2022) | Year – 2022

“Mapping the conceptual and intellectual structure of the consumer vulnerability field: a bibliometric analysis”. Journal of Business Research, Volume 150: 567-584. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2022.06.039.

Apoorv Khare & Rohit Varman (2017). | Year – 2017
"Subalterns, Empowerment and the Failed Imagination of Markets" Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 33 No. 17-18: 1593-1602. 

Apoorv Khare & Rohit Varman (2016). | Year – 2016
"Kafkaesque Institutions at the Base of the Pyramid" Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 32 No. 17-18: 1619-1646.

Apoorv Khare & Stacey Baker et al. (2016) | Year – 2016
"Omission & Commission as Marketplace Trauma." Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 35, No. 2, 280-291.

Edited Book Chapters

Khare, A. and Vikas R. M. (2022) | Year – 2022

“PARI as an Alternative to Corporate Media: Public Sphere and Rural Silencing in India.” In Organizing Resistance and Imagining Alternatives in India, 213-240, edited by Rohit Varman and Devi Vijay, Cambridge University Press. 

Apoorv Khare | Year – 2019
"Beyond the BoP: A Look into Alternative Domain". in Bottom of the Pyramid Marketing: Making, Shaping and Developing BoP Markets, 77-85, edited by Ramendra Singh: Emerald Publishing.

Apoorv Khare & Rohit Varman (2018). | Year – 2018
"Shaheed Hospital: Alternative Organisation, Ideology and Social Movement." in Alternative Organizations in India: Undoing Boundaries, edited by Devi Vijay and Rohit Varman. New Delhi: Cambridge University Press . 152-182

PGP courses: Marketing to the BOP consumers, Sales & Distribution Management, Semiotics for Marketing, Marketing Management
Doctoral courses: Marketing Theory, Philosophy of Science

Conference Presentations

Ismael A. A., Khare A., and Varman R. (2022) | Year – 2022

“Denotified tribe at the law’s threshold: (Il)Legality and partial organization in India”. In 38th EGOS Colloquium 2022 in Vienna Theme: Decolonizing Perspectives and Decolonial Pluriversality in Management Praxis & Research.

Karthick A., Shanmugapriya V., and Khare A. (2021) | Year – 2021

“An inquiry into retailers’ vulnerability: a marketing and public policy perspective”. In AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference Marketing for Social Change: People, Planet and Prosperity June 24-25 | Virtual; PROCEEDINGS (pp 34-37), Volume 31, Co-Chairs: Remi Trudel & Katherine White, ISBN-13: 978-0-87757-010-3.

Khare, A. (2015) | Year – 2015

“Subordinate Consumers and Development Discourse: Discursive Construction of Illegal Subject.” In Macromarketing Conference Marketing as Provisioning Technology: Integrating Perspectives on Solutions for Sustainability, Prosperity, and Social Justice, edited by Clifford Shultz, II, Ray Benton, and Olga Kravets, 533–34. Chicago: The Macromarketing Society.

Organized and co-chaired the 16th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Markets and Development: "International Conference of Markets and Development (ICMD 2021)" held at IIM Tiruchirappalli (further details at: www.ismd2021.iimtrichy.ac.in)

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