Sujeet K. Sharma

Information Systems and Analytics

Ph.D.(CCS University, Meerut), M.Sc.(IIT Delhi), M.Sc.(Statistics)

+91 431 250 5080

Dr. Sujeet K. Sharma is an Associate Professor in the ‘Management Information Systems Area’ at IIM Tiruchirappalli. Dr. Sharma has been teaching for more than 17 years in Oman, Bahrain and India, which has given him a wide experience in teaching and interacting with the students across multiplicity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Through his academic career, his background and expertise in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science has enabled him to effectively design and deliver a number of courses, both basic and advanced, in the fields of Information Systems, Business Mathematics, and Business Statistics. Dr. Sharma has developed new courses namely Special Topics in Business Statistics (Business Analytics), Data Mining with Statistical Methods, Computer Software for Business (R Programming and SPSS), and Data Processing and Analysis for Decision Making in the previous academic institutions he has been associated with.  Dr. Sharma worked as the Director of MBA programme at the College of Economics and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat for the academic year 2017-2018. In addition, Dr. Sharma has also served as member in the College Board, the highest decision making committee in the college. Dr. Sharma has also conducted a number of FDPs on Research Methods in Oman and Bahrain.

Dr. Sharma has published 25 international journal articles in the past 5 years. All  articles have the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC)/Association of Business Schools (ABS) ranking and are indexed in the Scopus database. His ResearchGate score is 25.75 and google scholar citations stand at 700 (h-index: 14 and i10-index: 19, Keyword: Sujeet Kumar Sharma). His research articles have appeared in well-known refereed international journals including International Journal of Information Management, Government Information Quarterly, Computers in Human Behavior, and Measurement published by Elsevier; Information Systems Frontiers, and Education and Information Technology by Springer; Behavior and Information Technology, Interactive Learning Environments and European Journal of Sports Sciences published by Taylor and Francis other reputed journals published by Emerald, and others. Dr. Sharma also serves as a reviewer to a number of A ranked journals namely International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Information Management. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Information Technology and People, Computers and Educations, and others. In addition, Dr. Sharma has presented his research in top tier conferences held in USA, Italy, Malaysia and other countries. Dr. Sharma won the Best Research Award in 2018.  

Dr. Sharma is serving as the Editor-in Chief of the journal “International Journal of Business and Data Analytics” published by Inderscience, Switzerland. He has also served as a guest editor to the “Journal of International Education in Business” published by Emerald in 2017. Furthermore, he is serving as a Series Area Editor (IT/IS adoption) in the Springer Book Series “Advances in Theory and Practice of Emerging Markets”. Dr. Sharma has also chaired a number of sessions in national and international conferences.

Selected International Journal Articles (Last 5 years only, 2014 onwards)

  1. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, & Sharma, M. (2019). Examining the role of trust and quality dimensions in the actual usage of mobile banking services: An empirical investigation. International Journal of Information Management, 44, 65-75. [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 4.52, ABDC Ranking: A]
  2. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Al-Badi, A., Rana, N. P., & Al-Azizi, L. (2018). Mobile applications in government services (mG-App) from user's perspectives: A predictive modelling approach. Government Information Quarterly. (available online) [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 4.01, ABS Ranking: 3*]
  3. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Mangla, S. K., Luthra, S., & Al-Salti, Z. (2018). Mobile wallet inhibitors: Developing a comprehensive theory using an integrated model. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 45, 52-63. [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 2.92, ABDC Ranking: A]
  4. Bhuian, S. N., Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Butt, I., & Ahmed, Z. U. (2018). Antecedents and pro-environmental consumer behavior (PECB): the moderating role of religiosity. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35(3), 287-299 [Publisher: Emerald, ABDC Ranking: B].
  5. Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2017). Integrating cognitive antecedents into TAM to explain mobile banking behavioral intention: A SEM-neural network modeling. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-13. [Publisher: Springer, indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 2.52, ABDC Ranking: A]
  6. Sujeet Kumar Sharma,Gaur, A., Saddikuti, V., &Rastogi, A. (2017). Structural equation model (SEM)-neural network (NN) model for predicting quality determinants of e-learning management systems. Behaviour& Information Technology, 1-14. [Publisher: Taylor & Francis, indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 1.39, ABDC Ranking: A]
  7. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Sarrab, M., & Al-Shihi, H. (2017). Development and validation of Mobile Learning Acceptance Measure (MLAM). Interactive Learning Environments, 25(7), 847-858. [Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Indexed in Scopus, Impact factor 1.67]
  8. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Al-Badi, A. H., Govindaluri, S. M., & Al-Kharusi, M. H. (2016). Predicting motivators of cloud computing adoption: A developing country perspective. Computers in Human Behavior, 62, 61-69. [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 3.44, ABS Ranking: 3*]
  9. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Joshi, A., & Sharma, H. (2016). A multi-analytical approach to predict the Facebook usage in higher education. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 340-353. [ Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 3.44, Indexed in Scopus, ABS Ranking: 3*]
  10. Yadav, R, Sujeet Kumar Sharma, & Tarhini, A. (2016). A multi-analytical approach to understand and predict the mobile commerce adoption. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 29(2), 222-237. [Publisher: Emerald, Impact Factor 2.48, ABDC Ranking: B]
  11. Saxena, S., & Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2016). Integrating Big Data in “e-Oman”: Opportunities and Challenges. INFO, 18(5), 79-97. [Publisher:  Emerald, indexed in Scopus, ABDC Ranking: B]
  12. Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2015), "Adoption of e-Government services: The role of service quality dimensions and demographic variables" Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 9(2), 207-222. [Publisher: Emerald, indexed in Scopus, ABDC Ranking: B]
  13. Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Govindaluri, S.M. & Al-Balushi, S. (2015),"Predicting determinants of Internet banking adoption: A two-staged regression-neural network approach" Management Research Review, 38(7), 750-766. [Publisher: Emerald, indexed in Scopus, ABDC Ranking: C]
  14. Amin, G.R. & Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2014), “Measuring batting parameters in cricket: A two-stage regression-OWA method”, Vol 53, pp 56-61, Measurement, [Publisher: Elsevier, Impact factor 2.36]
  15. Amin, G.R. & Sujeet Kumar Sharma (2014): “Cricket team selection using data envelopment analysis”, European Journal of Sport Science, Vol. 14 (Sup 1), S369-376. [Publisher: Taylor and Francis, Impact factor 2.69]


Research Grants

  1. Completed a research project entitled “Service Quality and Internet Adoption in Omani Banking Industry” as principal investigator, approved grant amount RO 8500 (Approx. USD 22,078) for two years (2013 – 2014).
  2. Completed a research project entitled “Understanding Mobile Banking Adoption by Individual Users in Oman” as principal investigator, approved grant RO 4200 (Approx. USD 10,900) for two years (2016-2017).

Opportunity for research collaborations


Researchers/meritorious MBA or B.Tech. students are welcome for possible research collaborations in the following research domains.

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Theory Development in Information Systems
  3. ICT for Development
  4. Technology Adoption

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