• Alumni - Graduates of all degree granting programmes of the Institute (such as PGP, PGPBM, DPM, PGP-HR, EDPM).
  • Executive Programme Alumni – Participants who have successfully completed the requirements of any executive programme that is of a minimum duration of 120 contact hours (online and/or face-to-face).


Click here to join/use the Official IIM Tiruchirappalli Alumni Portal to engage with the Institute and network with the alumni community.


1. Alumni ID cards

All alumni (including Executive Alumni) would be issued an Alumni ID card. Alumni could use this card to get access to the institute, various alumni events and enjoy the privileges offered by the IIMT. You can also apply for Digital Alumni ID card on our official alumni portal.

2. Access to Institute

Alumni are welcome to the institute at all times. They will get access by producing their Alumni ID card at the security gate.

3. Wi-fi access

Alumni visiting the campus will get Guest access to institute wi-fi network. Alumni should send email to from their institute email id to obtain the passcode.

4. Email access

  • All alumni will continue to have access (both sending and receiving emails) to their IIM Tiruchirappalli email ids after graduation.
  • Alumni should abide by the rules of regulations, as may be prescribed from time to time, that govern the usage of institute email-ids. System Administrator could deny access to any alumni who is found to violate the rules and regulations and/or misusing/abusing their official email ids.
  • Alumni should note that all communications sent on IIM Tiruchirappalli email ids are deemed to be communicated under IT Act.
  • Alumni are advised not to use the IIM Tiruchirappalli email id as their email id of record for important services such as banking etc.

5. Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – Access on Campus

  • All alumni could use the resources (books, e-resources etc.) of Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Tiruchirappalli and Chennai campuses during official hours of LRC. Remote access to e-resources is not allowed in line with our agreements with content providers.
  • Alumni should present their Alumni ID cards while entering the LRC.
  • Alumni should abide by all the rules and regulations of LRC, as may be prescribed from time to time, by Librarian and Chief Knowledge Officer. LRC resources should be used only for academic purposes. Using the resources of LRC for any commercial ends is strictly prohibited.

6. Sports Centre

  • Alumni of degree granting programmes could access the play areas of Sports Centre during its normal operating hours. Alumni should present their Alumni ID card while accessing the Sports Centre.
  • Alumni spouses and children below the age of 18 can also avail the facility if they are accompanied by alumni. This privilege is not available for guests of alumni.
  • Alumni are requested follow the guidelines of Sports Centre, as mentioned in the premises. Alumni are responsible for their own safety while using the facilities of Sports Centre.

7. Open Enrolment Programmes of EEC

  • All alumni could avail a discount of 10% on the total programme fee of any Open Enrolment Programme offered by Executive Education Office.

8. Accommodation in Executive Residence

  • All alumni could use the Executive Residence accommodation on campus subject to availability.
  • Alumni could book a room for a maximum of 3 days at a time and 15 days throughout a calendar year, subject to availability.
  • Requests to book accommodation on campus should be emailed to and copy to, and with your name, programme and roll number at least five working days in advance.
  • The room rent and other expenses will be applicable as per prevailing rates.
  • Alumni are requested follow the guidelines of the Executive Accommodation during their stay in campus.

9. Campus Connect

  • All alumni would receive a copy of the Campus Connect newsletter through email.

10. Admission to Institute Events

  • Alumni are welcome to attend institute events such as Foundation Day, Convocation, Dhruva and any other open webinars. Alumni can also get admission to paid events such as TEDX Talks, IQ Fest upon payment of relevant admission fee.