The Student Council's goal is to create a community within the students of IIMT and improve the general atmosphere. This helps the students to participate in the development of the institute and develop their career, personality and organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty, staff and public.


Samarpit Gupta

+91 9039264288


Pranav Moram

+91 9177061512

Women Secretary
Suvarshitha Dharoor

+91 8801314010

International Relations Student Committee Secretary
Tuhin Banerjee

+91 7662941003

Academic Committee Secretary
Sruthi Venkata Sesha Gangaraju

+91 7028441779

Alumni Committee Secretary
Nikita Mittal

+91 9869811343

Media Relations Committee Secretary
Shubhangee Singh

+91 9026678149

Cultural Committee Secretary
Ashish Neerati

+91 9629343453

Infra & IT Committee Secretary
Srivardhan Kaushik Astakala

+91 8688842037

Food and Beverages Committee Secretary
Potlacheruvu Sai Krishna Vamsi

+91 9000292903

Sports Committee Secretary
Yash Gainkar

+91 9890101231