The Student Council's goal is to create a community within the students of IIMT and improve the general atmosphere. This helps the students to participate in the development of the institute and develop their career, personality and organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty, staff and public.


Gautam Volvoikar

+91 9921461187

Tejasvini Chandrashekar

+91 9482574658

Women Secretary
Meenal Jain

+91 9754139597

International Relations Student Committee Secretary
Rishi Prasad Sajeevan

+91 9388800836

Academic Committee Secretary
Arava Anil Kumar Reddy

+91 9629473675

Alumni Committee Secretary
Soham Joshi

+91 9545785788

Media Relations Committee Secretary
Aishwarya Nair

+91 7204967201

Cultural Committee Secretary
Ronak Chavda

+91 8347412066

Infra & IT Committee Secretary
Rohan K. Shetty

+91 9967305100

Mess Secretary
Manasa Gunda

+91 8897744425

Sports Committee Secretary
Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Daka

+91 9553929052