Commodities combines the best of near real-time spot prices and market intelligence, historical fundamental data and robust forecasts for agricultural crops. This is the ideal database for investors into the commodities markets in India, for banks and non-banking finance companies who finance warehousing and logistics companies in the space of agricultural commodities.

Commodities delivers prices data on 200 varieties of 70 commodities from 150 markets.

Besides delivering copious historical data, Commodities also provides forecasts for area, production and yield of crops. These forecasts are generated by researchers at CMIE and are based on quantitative analysis and a close and continuous monitoring of prices, sowing and the weather.


CRISIL Business Information products and services comprise of accurate and reliable news, information, analysis, and forecasts on the Indian economy, industries, companies, and financial markets. CRISINFAC Industry Information Service presents a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the current trends and the long-term performance outlook on 69 industries in India. It includes the evolution of an industry, the regulatory environment, cost structures, and consumption patterns.

Economic Outlook 

The Economic Outlook provides CMIE's view on where the Indian economy stands and where it is likely headed. This view is derived from a careful and continuous monitoring of all new data releases. New data releases are analysed in real-time in the context of the historical trends and in the context of other current data releases. Economic Outlook therefore provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the Indian economy.

The core strength of the Economic Outlook is the underlying database. The service provides full access to this database. Time series on more than a 100,000 indicators are provided in multiple frequencies and in the form of several derivations. The full set of indicators including all frequencies and derivations add up to nearly a million time-series. All these are presented in intelligently laid-out tabulations.

The Economic Outlook replaces two of CMIE's earlier services - the Economic Intelligence Service and Business Beacon.

Euromonitor International - Passport

Passport is a vast resource of business intelligence on Industries, Countries and Consumers. The database covers about 28 Consumer Industries across 80 Countries. Users can use it to track market sizes, brand shares, company shares, industry trends, competitive landscape as we as understand market dynamics. Countries and Consumers section covers information such as Consumer Behaviour & Lifestyles, Income & Expenditure, Demographics and various Socio-Economic Indicators across 210 countries.

INDIASTAT is a cluster of 57 sites including India-specific, Sector specific, Region specific and State specific sites rendering its dedicated services to the research fraternity from academic, professional and corporate world with authentic and comprehensive compilation of secondary level socio-economic statistical data about India and its states, Region and Sector on more than 35 variables.

Industry Outlook

Industry Outlook is a comprehensive service that provides detailed information on Indian industries. It includes the mining, manufacturing, utilities and and services industries. A total of 193 industries are covered. The service provides detailed historical data on capacity, production, foreign trade, sales, prices, annual and quarterly financial performance of the industry and its detailed break-up by companies, new capacities built and expected to be commissioned, performance of listed companies on the bourses, data culled from the Annual Survey of Industries and from RBI's industrial outlook surveys. Industry Outlook provides insights, outlook and forecasts. It is designed to provide a near to medium term view of Indian industries.

States of India

India is administratively divided into 35 major and minor states and union territories.Copious amounts of information is produced on each of these. CMIE puts all of this together into one offering - States of India. 

  • State Domestic Product (Central Statistical Organisation)
  • Elections (Election Commission of India)
  • Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation)
  • Industry (Annual Survey of Industries)
  • Infrastructure (variety of sources for power, roadways, railways, ports, aviation,     telecommunications)
  • Investments (CMIE's CapEx service)
  • Banking (Reserve Bank of India)
  • Public finance (State finance ministries)
  • Consumer prices (Labour ministry)
  • Health (State Health ministries)
  • Education (State Education ministries)

 Time-series data are provided mostly from 1990-91. In the case of some indicators, the service also provides district-level data.