The Behavioural lab at Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli has a mission to explore, understand and educate on micro-processes within the human mind for applications in many management contexts like product development, product perception, employee perception, behavioural finance and consumer decision making among many such contexts. The focus on the micro aspects of the individual human mind gained momentum with Sir William Wundt, the first known researcher who started the need to explore the human mind deeper within, with a process called introspection, which came to be recognized as a scientific attempt to examine and analyse micro aspects of human behaviour. Starting with examining and analysing individual mental processes, the gamut of behavioural understanding has moved from individual to group level, organizational as well as societal level of understanding in terms of research.

In this context, the behavioural lab at IIM Tiruchirappalli aspires to work on various research and experimental studies to understand individuals, teams and larger group(s). The group size could range from three to as many as twenty to thirty individuals at a time in a lab situation which ensures a controlled condition in which things are examined and analysed. In this lab, people and their internal psychological characteristics like creativity, ideation, concept formation, attention, perception, apperception among many other processes will be the focus of study for conceptual and applied research for industry and academia.  The interdisciplinary nature of the lab will help to collaborate with all the streams of management and encourage to bring new insights in the field of management.

The behaviour lab, focuses on two broad areas. One is for personal development which can cater to two different segments – students and employees. Another is for research and data collection. This will cater to two segments – the industry aspiring for company level internal research and academia to develop knowledge with pure research. Those interested in using the lab for any research purpose, from the industry are also encouraged to send in their requests. Individual behaviour is studied from an interdisciplinary perspective including OB-HR, marketing and consumer psychology, behavioural analytics, behavioural finance and so forth. The lab resource persons will facilitate studies involving experiments, psychometric testing, behavioural interventions, paper-pencil based surveys and other such activities.

The physical infrastructure in the lab provides exclusive undisturbed space for these investigations and interventions. To book this lab for any requirement, or for clarification on the need for any experimental investigation or research the concerned person needs to be approached at .