Indian institute of Management Tiruchirappalli organized an awareness activities camp create awareness about the Covid-19 virus in Suriyur village.

Suriyur village is one of the villages adopted by IIM Trichy as a part of its UBA activities.

Following activities were conducted recently:

  1. Creating awareness about what is Covid-19 virus, how it spreads and explaining how social distancing checks spread of coronavirus
  2. Demonstrating how wearing of masks can reduce the risk of infecting others and protecting ourselves
  3. Correct method of using and discarding the masks
  4. Distribution of masks to the villagers
  5. Demonstration of correct method of washing with soap
  6. Effective use of sanitizers and
  7. Distribution of sanitizers to the panchayat cleaning staff

The camp was presided by Thiru Shanmugasundaram, President of Suriyur panchayat. Professor V. Gopal demonstrated the use of sanitizers and discussed the need for maintain social distancing. Professor P. Saravanan, demonstrated the correct use of soap and sanitizer. Dr. Elavazhagan C.K.O, Mr. Muthukumaran A.O and Mr. Dharmaraj facilitated the camp.

The initiative of IIM Trichy was highly appreciated by the panchayat president as well as the beneficiary villagers.

 All set to go  Venue of the camp

 curious villager  Panchayat president distributing mask

 Distribution mask to a little girl  Prof V.Gopal distributing mask

 Prof Saravanan distributing mask  Demo of mask

 Demo of correct use of sanitizer  Need for social distancing

                                                      The UBA Team