Track 14: Indian Family Businesses
Track Chairs

                                                                                                      Prof. Chitra Singla

                                                                                             Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad



                                                                                                         Prof. Chitra Singla

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Brief Description of The Track

Extant literature on Family Businesses has examined the impact of various characteristics of family businesses like family ownership, resources, top management team especially CEO’s characteristics, governance in family businesses, economic vs. non-economic goals of the family, motivations of different owners etc. on these businesses’ strategic decisions and performance. This track on ‘Indian Family Businesses’ encourages papers that address these and additionally we invite papers that integrate different theoretical perspectives to explore heterogeneity within Indian family businesses and examine the impact of this heterogeneity on various processes (e.g. decision making process) as well as outcomes related to strategic decisions, performance, succession in family businesses, family harmony etc. Here heterogeneity could be related to any dimension; for example, heterogeneity related to ownership, management, generations, diversity in terms of businesses/industries or top management team etc. could be considered.