Message for E-FPM candidates
May 07, 2020

Dear Applicant,

Greetings from IIM Trichy,

We are in receipt of your application for E-FPM 2020

We had earlier envisaged the shortlist to be announced in May 2020 and the selection process to be conducted in June 2020. All this has been postponed in light of the current situation.  The revised date and other details about the process will be shared with you once we get greater clarity on the evolving situation.

The shortlist will be announced through email and through a notice on our website.

Please be rest assured that for those who get shortlisted for appearing in the selection process, there will be adequate lead time to prepare for the process and plan their participation in the process.  

Thank you,

Sankalp Pratap

Chairperson - FPM & Research