In order to accommodate majority of the population who cant take away time to physically attend the programmes, the Open programmes are also delivered through online platform viz.. Studio to Centre (Hub & Spoke) & Direct to Device. Programmes are offered either during evenings of working days or over weekends. Each programme will have modules which includes campus as well as majority of online sessions.

EEC offers long and short duration certificate programmes of various disciplines including General Management and Leadership. In order to ensure that executives gain the most out of the program, each module is designed and delivered using pedagogies like case studies, problem solving exercises, videos, lectures from eminent professionals and so on.

Each participant will become alumni after successful completion of the programme.

Upcoming Programmes

Post Graduate Certificate program in Executive General Management Program (e-GMP)

Programme Objectives: 

The programme aims to: -

  • Provide an overview of the purpose and structure of the organization
  • Create awareness about contemporary business environment
  • Provide 360 0 knowledge on diverse stakeholders and functions of the organization
  • Introduce concepts, theories, models, tools, and applications related to management of the organization
  • Equip managers with analytical tools, techniques and frameworks required to make    cross functional, integrated management decisions 


Programme Schedule: 

      2 Way Interactive Lectures via HD Virtual Classrooms
      Saturdays from 06.00pm to 09.00pm
      Campus Immersions (Mandatory):
      First Campus Visit: 3 Days
      Second Campus Visit: 2 Days


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