Nov 29,2021 - India Education Diary
Valedictory Function for the first batch of the PGCSCM

Nov 17,2021 - Trichy Mail | Nov 16,2021 - Times of India , India Education Diary , The Hindu | Nov 15,2021 - India Education Diary
IIM Trichy Felicitates The Medal Winners Of PGPM 2018-2020, 2019-2021 and PGPBM 2017-19, 2018-2020 Batches

Oct 30,2021 - News 18 , News 18 | Oct 29,2021 - Indian Express
IIM Trichy Launches PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance

Oct 26,2021 - The New Indian Express | Oct 25,2021 - India Education Diary , The Hindu
Valedictory Function for the first batch of the EPLCM

Oct 22,2021 - The Times of India | Oct 20,2021 - The Hindu , Trichy Mail , India Education Diary
e-GMP valedictory function

Oct 11,2021 - The New Indian Express , India Education Diary , The Hindu
Valedictory Function for the first batch of the PGCSHRM

Oct 10,2021 - India Education Diary , Express News | Oct 09,2021 - Indian Express , India Education Diary
IIM Tiruchirappalli Inaugurated The Second Batch Of Post Graduate Certificate Programme In Supply Chain Management PGCSCM Batch 02

Sep 20,2021 - The Pioneer
IIM Trichy clinch 'Anubhav' quest

Sep 15,2021 - India Education Diary , India Education Diary
Hindi Diwas celebrations

Sep 12,2021 - Trichy Mail , India Education Diary | Sep 11,2021 - The Hindu , Nattu Nadappu
PGPBM 10th batch inauguration

Aug 16,2021 - Times of India , The Indian Express , Dinamalar , The Hindu Tamil , The Indian Express
75th Independence Day celebrations

Jul 09,2021 - The Times of India , Express News Service | Jul 07,2021 - India Education Diary , The Hindu , Dinamani
IIM Trichy Inaugurates 11th PGPM, 2nd PGPM-HR, 9th DPM, And 2nd EDPM Batches

Jun 08,2021 - Financial Express
IIM Trichy Celebtrates 8th and 9th Convocation

May 12,2021 - India Education Diary , Times of India | May 11,2021 - The Hindu
Inauguration of the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Manufacturing Management and Analytics PGCMMA Batch 01

Apr 28,2021 - Financial Express:Know grouping of shares in BSE before investing
Investing in stock markets? Be cautious if promoters are pledging shares

Apr 28,2021 - IIM-T ensures top-notch summer placements , IIM Trichy completes summer placements , The New Indian Express , Dinamani | Apr 27,2021 - IIM Trichy Announces Successfully Completion Of Summer Placements
Successfully Completion of Summer Placements

Apr 23,2021 - The New Indian Express | Apr 22,2021 - The Times of India( , The Hindu , The Times of India | Apr 21,2021 - India Education Diary
e-GMP batch-02 Inauguration

Apr 19,2021 - The New Indian Express
FICCI HR score 2021 Awards given

Apr 07,2021 - Financial Express
Should you go for an annuity insurance plan

Mar 17,2021 - The Times of India
IIM student advances to quiz contest finals

Mar 16,2021 - The Hindu
IIM-T, a place to read, work and have fun

Mar 14,2021 - The Hindu
IIM seeks govt. support for Chennai campus

Mar 12,2021 - The Times of India , , The New Indian Express
IM-T keen on setting up permanent campus in Chennai

Mar 10,2021 - Trichy Vision
IIM Tiruchirappalli celebrated Womens Day on 8th March 2021

Feb 27,2021 - Daily Thanthi , India Education Diary
Inauguration of Dhruva 2021

Feb 16,2021 - Business Today
Business Today honours business leaders of Tamil Nadu

Feb 09,2021 - Business Standard - Campus Talk | Feb 04,2021 - The Hindu , Business Line On Campus , The New Indian Express , Dinamani , Dinamalar | Feb 03,2021 - The Times of India
Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh to take over as IIM Trichy director

Jan 27,2021 - The Times of India( , Daily Expert News , India News Republic
Inauguration of EDPM Programme

Jan 21,2021 - Dinamani | Jan 20,2021 - Education TIMES , The New Indian , India News Republic , The Times of India
Inauguration of the PGCLCM held on 17th January 2021

Jan 12,2021 - The Hindu , The New Indian Express
International Week 2020

Jan 06,2021 - The Hindu | Jan 05,2021 - Trichy Vision News , Indian Express
10th Foundation Day celebration

Dec 29,2020 - Trichy Vision
Inauguration of the first batch of the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Applications (PGCBAA)

Dec 22,2020 - The Hindu Business Line
Stage set for BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2020 Finals

Dec 02,2020 - The Hindu Business Line
IIM Trichy comes up trumps in Coimbatore leg of BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2020

Nov 24,2020 - The Hindu , Indian Express
Inauguration of IIM Trichy Campus Medical Centre

Oct 02,2020 - The Hindu , Thina Malar | Oct 01,2020 - The Times of India , BLoC
IIMT-Solar Power Plant inauguration

Oct 01,2020 - The Hindu Business Line
IIM Trichy sets up a solar power plant

Sep 28,2020 - The Times of India
Certificate programmes Inauguration 2020

Sep 21,2020 - Times of India | Sep 20,2020 - The Hindu , Business Line
IIM Trichy Inaugurates PGPBM 2020-22 (9th Batch)

Aug 20,2020 - Business Standard
IIM Trichy inaugurates 10th PGPM, 8th FPM and 1st PGPM HR -Batches

Aug 19,2020 - The Hindu
PGPM, FPM & PGPBM-HR Orientation Programme

Aug 16,2020 - Business Standard
IIM Trichy Celebrates India's 74th Independence Day

Aug 14,2020 - The Times of India | Aug 12,2020 - The Hindu
IIM Trichy inaugurates 10th PGPM, 8th FPM and 1st PGPM HR Batches

Jun 16,2020 - The Hindu , New Indian Express
IIM-Tiruchy Ranked 15th in NIRF MAnagement Ranking 2020

May 29,2020 - Times News | May 28,2020 - thehindubusinessline
IIM Trichy Successfully completes Final Placements of PGP 2018-20

May 21,2020 - Times of India | May 20,2020 - Thehindu , shiksha
IIM Trichy MBA courses to go online

Mar 05,2020 - The Times of India , Dina Malar | Mar 04,2020 - The Hindu Tamil , The New Indian Express
Leadership & Innovation Award to IIM Trichy

Jan 28,2020 - The Hindu
Republic day celebration 2020

Jan 25,2020 - The Hindu , The New Indian Express , The Hindu , The New Indian Express
Annual fest Dhuruva 2020

Jan 24,2020 - The Hindu | Jan 23,2020 - The Hindu
Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director IIM Tiruchirappalli Receives 'Top Rankers Excellence Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership'

Jan 14,2020 - the Financial Express | Jan 13,2020 - DinaMalar
Valedictory Function of INDAM 2020

Jan 06,2020 - The Hindu , Times of India | Jan 03,2020 - THE HINDU - Online , THE HINDU , DD Podhigai News , BLoC
INDAM 2020 gets under way at IIM-Tiruchi

Jan 03,2020 - BLoC News
IIM Trichy provides a platform for TN rural artisans

IIM Trichy to host International Week 2020

Dec 29,2019 - THE HINDU
IIM Trichy to host International Week 2020

Dec 20,2019 - The Times of India , The Hindu Tamil , The Hindu , Daily Thanthi , Dina Malar , Dina Malar , The Hindu

Sep 17,2019 - THE HINDU
IIM-Tiruchi plans for permanent Chennai campus

Aug 22,2019 - The Hindu Eng , Dinamani , The Hindu Tamil , Daily Thanthi , DinaMalar , The New Indian Express | Aug 21,2019 - Polimer News , News 7 , Thanthi Tv
IIMT - Inauguration of Center for Applied Research and Data Science and International Reasearch Workshop

Aug 15,2019 - Business Standard | Jul 29,2019 - Indian Express | Jul 28,2019 - Times of India , The Hindu
Inauguration of the 8th Batch PGPBM

Jul 29,2019 - Times of India | Jul 28,2019 - The Hindu
Cauvery River Cleaning Drive

Jun 27,2019 - Hindu , Hindu , Times of India , Namma Trichy
Inauguration of the 9th Batch PGPM & 7th batch FPM

Apr 26,2019 - The Hindu
Top Institute Award for IIM Tiruchi

Apr 24,2019 - The Hindu - Business Line
IIM Trichy gets top institute award form CSR

Apr 23,2019 - Business Line on Campus (BLoC)
IIM Trichy bags Top Institute of Indias Award

Apr 08,2019 - Business Line on Campus (BLoC)
IIM Trichy: Executive education to be key focus area

Apr 04,2019 - The Hindu - Business Line
Consulting and analytics rule at IIM Tiruchi placements

Apr 03,2019 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchi completes final placements

Apr 03,2019 - MBA UNIVERSE.COM
IIM Tiruchirappalli Placement 2019: Average Salary Up at Rs.14.91 LPA Highest salary at Rs.35.15 LPA

Apr 01,2019 - The Times of India City
Students told to take up challenges with a vision to succeed

Mar 31,2019 - The Hindu - Business Line
Career is not just a job, seek path-breaking opportunities

Mar 31,2019 - The Hindu
Imbibe strong values, entrepreneurs told

Mar 31,2019 - The New Indian Express
Do look beyond jobs, grads told at IIM Convocation

Mar 13,2019 - The Hindu
NAAC briefs assessors on new accreditation framework

Mar 12,2019 - The Times Group e-Paper , The Times of India
NAAC'S assessment gives degrees global recognition'

Mar 12,2019 - The Times of India
Incubation centre, innovation park to come up at IIM Trichy

Mar 12,2019 - The New Indian Express
IIM, NAAC team up to train accreditors

Mar 07,2019 - The Hindu
Prepare for AI, HR professionals told

Feb 25,2019 - The Hindu
MoU signed to harness data analytics across govt. departments

Feb 22,2019 - The Hindu
IIM Trichy signed MoU with Government of Tamil Nadu

Feb 22,2019 - BusinessLine on Campus (BLoC)
IIM Trichy signs technical MoU with TN Govt

Feb 17,2019 - The Times Group e-Paper
Dist dev plan launched to attract investments

Feb 17,2019 - The Times Group e-Paper
PG intake at IIM Trichy goes up by 25% to 263 seats

Feb 17,2019 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchi to follow new quota system

Feb 17,2019 - The New Indian Express
Plans afoot to accommodate more students: IIM-T director

Feb 13,2019 - The Times of India , The Hindu
34% increase in stipend for summer interns from IIM-T

Feb 13,2019 - The Indian Express
IIM Student bags highest summer pay of Rs. 3.2 lakh

Feb 13,2019 - The Hindu
IIMT to launch MBA programme for service personnel

Feb 04,2019 - The Times Group e-Paper
4 startup ideas bag cash prize at CII's 'Big idea challenge'

Feb 04,2019 - The Hindu
YUTRY 2019 fosters entrepreneurial spirit in students

Feb 04,2019 - The Indian Express
Startup ideas win awards at Young Indians forum

Jan 28,2019 - Financial Express
Know how fusion investing unlocks value

Jan 27,2019 - The Hindu
Republic Day celebrated in institutions

Jan 26,2019 - The Hindu
IIM-T celebrates Dhruva 3.0 on mega scale

Jan 16,2019 - Financial Express
How to repay loan: The snowball method can be the magic to live an EMI free life

Jan 15,2019 - The Economic Times
New Trends: Are libraries still relevant in a digitized world

Jan 09,2019 - Financial Express
Side pocketing: Here are pros and cons for retail investors

Jan 08,2019 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchi plans to offer MBA degrees

Jan 05,2019 - The Times of India
IIM students told to hone problem-solving skills

Jan 05,2019 - The Hindu
Imbibing wisdom through listening, key to leadership

Jan 04,2019 - Financial Express
Financial Planning: Decide on your savings goal at the years start

Dec 31,2018 - The Hindu
Honour for IIM-Tiruchi Director

Dec 27,2018 - The Hindu
Improving student learning experience

Dec 25,2018 - Financial Express - Business News
Investment planning: Diversify portfolio to minimise political risk

Dec 24,2018 - AIMA publication
Employee Engagement, Culture

Dec 21,2018 - Indian Management journal
Indian Management journal

Dec 19,2018 - The Hindu
I-week under way at IIM-T

Dec 18,2018 - Financial Express - Business News
Government Securities: Are G-Secs better than fixed deposits for retail investors?

Dec 13,2018 - The Hindu
Libraries, foundation for building great institutes

Dec 10,2018 - Financial Express - Business News
Investment planning: Factors that determine investors risk appetite

Dec 02,2018 - Business Today
India's best B-schools 2018: Full List

Nov 28,2018 - Financial Express
Buying insurance from agent? Top 3 things you should always keep in mind

Nov 10,2018 - The Economic Times
How to construct and manage your investment portfolio in 4 simple steps

Oct 31,2018 - The Financial Express
Why you need to look at recurring deposits

Oct 23,2018 - Times of India City
Team up, share knowledge, UGC chief tells institutes

Oct 23,2018 - BW EDUCATION
Stay Relevant To Dynamic Global Economy

Oct 22,2018 - The Hindu
Vice-Chancellors' conclave urges educational institutions

Oct 08,2018 - The Economic Times- Wealth
An investor needs to cover risks other than investment risks as well

Oct 05,2018 - The Hindu
IIM-T ties up with UGC, NAAC

Oct 04,2018 - Times of India
Stamp collection spreads knowledge of country s socio-economic condition

Oct 03,2018 - The Hindu | Sep 26,2018 - Times of India City
IIM Trichy director Bhimaraya Metri receives AIMA - Kewal Nohria Award

Oct 03,2018 - The Hindu
Life of the Mahatma, in stamps

Oct 02,2018 - Financial Express
Beware of these risks 5 pitfalls to avoid while using mobile banking services

Oct 01,2018 - Telangana Today
Virtusa Corporation organises analytics hackathon

Sep 27,2018 - NYOOOZ My City My News , Times of India City
IIM-Trichy director bags AIMA-Kewal Nohria award

Sep 11,2018 - Financial Express
Stock markets: Should you invest in a debt-free company? Here is the answer

Sep 05,2018 - Financial Express
Stock markets- Four simple steps to assess a companys future performance

Aug 28,2018 - Financial Express
Capture ratios: What they reveal about the performance of mutual funds

Aug 18,2018 - The Hindu
IIMs to discuss research and Indianisation

Aug 15,2018 - Financial Express
Stock markets: Investing in a cash-rich firm? Check the source of cash

Aug 07,2018 - Financial Express
Price/Earnings to Growth: Over-valued stocks? Look at PEG ratio

Jul 25,2018 - Financial Express
Financial Planning: Check your risk tolerance level before investing

Jul 25,2018 - E-Paper , Live Mint
Is the rupee overvalued or undervalued?

Jul 04,2018 - The Hindu
New PGPM batch at IIM-Tiruchirappalli goes through holistic orientation

Jul 03,2018 - Financial Express
Financial planning: Lifecycle investing strategy - Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Jun 30,2018 - The Hindu
Proposals for passenger ropeway being readied

Jun 29,2018 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli inaugurates first batch of PGP 2018-20 on new campus

Jun 26,2018 - The New Indian Express
Steep rise in number of girls joining PG at IIM-Tiruchirappalli

Jun 26,2018 - Times of India City
Students exhorted to be creative to succeedBe creative to succeed: Students told at IIM-T

Jun 23,2018 - CII IIM, Trichy to work on district development plan
Outlook THE NEWS SCROLL | Business standard

May 30,2018 - The Financial Express
Investing in corporate fixed deposits? Here are four points to consider

May 25,2018 - The Financial Express
Stock Markets tips: Find out if you should invest in a growth stock

May 14,2018 - The Hindu
Educational institutions hail increase in connectivity

May 10,2018 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli sets new record in placements

May 10,2018 - The New Indian Express
7.5% increase in IIM Placement Package

May 09,2018 - Kalvi Malar , Dinakaran , MinMurasu
IIM Tiruchirappalli student bags annual placement of 54.5 lakhs

May 09,2018 - HRK News Bureau
IIM Tiruchirappalli 2018 batch gets the highest package of Rs. 54.50 lakh

May 09,2018 - People and Management
International Companies Offers up to Rs. 54.5 lakhs to Management Students: IIM Tiruchirappalli

May 09,2018 - Business Line (BLoC)
IIM-Tiruchirappalli placements: highest international package is Rs 54.5 lakh

May 09,2018 - Business standard
IIM Tiruchirappalli 2018 placements: Students see 7.4 % jump in annual salary

May 09,2018 - The Times of India City , NYOOOZ-My City My News
IIM-Tiruchirappalli students bag Rs 14.28L average annual remuneration

Apr 27,2018 - The New Indian Express
Fore see your dreams

Mar 26,2018 - Careers 360
IIM Tiruchirappalli Holds Sixth Annual Convocation on March 24; 195 students conferred diplomas

Mar 26,2018 - Times of India City
Government focusing on improving quality of training to suit jobs: Skill development ministry

Mar 26,2018 - Business Line on Campus
Strong EQ, leadership and passion needed to succeed

Mar 26,2018 - The New Indian Express
Skills, entrepreneurial drive key to succeed globally

Mar 26,2018 - The Hindu
Take to entrepreneurship, graduates of IIM-Tiruchirappalli told

Mar 26,2018 - Times of India Trichy | Mar 25,2018 - Daily Thanthi
Govt focusing on improving quality of training to suit jobs: Skill dev ministry

Mar 05,2018 - The New Indian Express
Degree certs only in English, Says IIM

Mar 03,2018 - The New Indian Express
Hostellers to be spared ordeal this summer

Mar 01,2018 - Times of India Trichy
CII Seeks IIM's Help for development plan

Feb 27,2018 - Careers360
IIM Tiruchirappalli Summer Placement Report 2017 - 19: 17 percent increase in stipend offered

Feb 27,2018 - Times of India City
IIM-Tiruchirappalli records 17% rise in average stipend

Feb 27,2018 - The New Indian Express
At Rupees 2.5L/month pay package,IIM-Tiruchirappalli placement sees 17% rise

Feb 26,2018 - Business Line (BLoC)
Average stipend of female candidates is 28% higher than their male counterparts

Feb 14,2018 - Live Mint | E-Paper
Reducing the home bias in equity investments

Feb 13,2018 - The Times of India
IIM-Tiruchirappalli Conducts Annual Management Conclave

Jan 31,2018 - The Times of India
TREC-STEP, IIM-Tiruchirappalli to groom entrepreneurs

Jan 30,2018 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli qualifies for Asia-Pacific finals

Jan 29,2018 - The New Indian Express
Direct flights makes' pore projects attractive for IIM-Tiruchy students

Jan 04,2018 - The Hindu
Poompuhar products have manytakers at international meet

Jan 01,2018 - Business Line (BLoC)
IIM Tiruchirappalli hosts 11th ISDSI international conference

Jan 01,2018 - The Hindu
Disruptive technologies drive job market

Jan 01,2018 - Times of India Trichy
Trichiites resolve to ring in a peaceful and fruitful year marked by better governance, infrastructure and set a new benchmark in education

Dec 31,2017 - Times of India City , Times of India- Times Region
Benefit of research should reach the society

Dec 31,2017 - The Indian Express
International Conference in IIM-Tiruchirappalli comes to an end

Dec 29,2017 - Times of India City
Non-IIM management institutes to get revised model curriculum

Dec 29,2017 - The Hindu
Meet promises to transform management education

Dec 29,2017 - The Times of India city
AICTE revises curriculum for non-IIM Business-school

Dec 29,2017 - The New Indian Express
Autonomy paramount to academic institutions

Dec 22,2017 - Times of India City
Legislation on autonomy for IIMs fast-tracked: Trichy institute head

Dec 22,2017 - India's No.1 MBA Portal Rankings 2017-18

Dec 22,2017 - Careers 360
Top MBA Colleges in India 2018

Dec 22,2017 - Live Mint | E-Paper
Top B-schools in India 2017-18

Dec 10,2017 - Live Mint | E-Paper
If Keynes had designed India central bank

Dec 01,2017 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirapalli prepares to host 11th ISDSI global meet

Nov 15,2017 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli is first in L&T contest

Nov 15,2017 - Times of India City
IIMT tops in L&T case study event

Oct 02,2017 - Live Mint
Why active funds beat the markets in India

Sep 27,2017 - The Hindu
New IIM-Tiruchirappalli Chairman visits campus

Sep 27,2017 - The Times Group e-paper
IIM Tiruchirappalli gets new chairman

Sep 26,2017 - Deccan Chronicle
New Chairman Appointed for IIM Trichy

Aug 16,2017 - The Indian Express
IIMT Plans to set up global virtual team

Aug 16,2017 - Live Mint , E-Paper
Split within RBI flags flawed inflation model

Aug 15,2017 - The Indian Express
First Batch of IIM-Tiruchirappalli students to shift to new campus today

Aug 07,2017 - Financial Chronicle
MPC split flags flawed inflation model of RBI

Aug 07,2017 - Financial Express
Open dissent on RBI monetary policy committee flags flawed inflation model

Aug 07,2017 - The Economic Times
Split within central bank flags flawed inflation model

Aug 07,2017 - The Washington Post with Bloomberg
Split Within India Central Bank Flags Flawed Inflation Model (2)

Jun 28,2017 - Times of India
Be shameless in seeking knowledge

Jun 28,2017 - The Hindu
Be Prepared to pursue risks and face failures, management students told

Jun 28,2017 - The Hindu
Classes to begin at new campus of IIM soon

Jun 22,2017 - The Economic Times
Poke Me: It may be a mantra, but Indias demographic dividend can become a burden if unattended

Jun 15,2017 - Live Mint , E-Paper
The perils of a larger public sector

May 17,2017 - The Times of India
Banking a top draw in MBA placements

Apr 12,2017 - CareerMarg
IIM Tiruchirappalli Gets A Permanent Campus On Trichy-Pudukkottai Road

Apr 12,2017 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli gets top institution award

Apr 10,2017 - Dinamani
IIM-Tiruchirappalli gets top institution award

Apr 06,2017 - Daily Thanthi , HR Katha , The Indian Express , The Hindu Businessline , Business Line (BLoC)
Bhimaraya Metri joins as Director, IIM Tiruchirappalli

Apr 04,2017 - NDTV
IIM Tiruchirappalli Admission: PGPBM (For Working Executives) Course, Apply By 5 June

Apr 03,2017 - The Indian Express , The Hindu , NDTV , India , Znews , Times of India City , Can.India.Com , Webindia123 , Business Standard , The New Indian Express , Daily News and Analysis , Dailyworld
Prakash Javadekar to inaugurate new campus building for IIM Tiruchirappalli

Mar 21,2017 - Business Line (BLoC)
Stay relevant in a high-speed world, Pepsico chairman tells IIM Tiruchirappalli graduates

Mar 20,2017 - Careers360
IIM Tiruchirappalli Final Placements 2017: Consulting and Analytics highest recruiting sector

Mar 19,2017 - The hindu businessline , Bloncampus , insideiim , covaipost , Hindustan times , The Hindu , Dinamani
IIM Tiruchirappalli has conducted its fifth annual convocation on 18th March 2017

Mar 17,2017 - Business Line (BLoC)
Consulting firms rule the roost in hiring from top B-schools

Mar 17,2017 - The New Indian Express
IIM-Tiruchirappalli scales new heights, bags highest domestic package of Rs 33 lakh

Mar 16,2017 - The Economic Times
IIM Tiruchirappalli completes final placements with 39% jump in highest salary to Rs 33 lakh

Mar 02,2017 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli team wins contest

Feb 21,2017 - The Hindu- Business Line
Budget impact on economic policy is waning

Feb 16,2017 - Live Mint
Campus placements cool at B-schools, engineering colleges, worse yet to come

Feb 12,2017 - The Times Group
Seventy firms take part in IIM Tiruchirappalli placements

Feb 10,2017 - College Dekho
IIM Tiruchirappalli Records 100% Summer Placement; Stipend Increased by 56%

Feb 10,2017 - Times of India City
IIM-Tiruchirappalli summer placements: Rs 2.5 lakh a month highest stipend offer

Feb 09,2017 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli records 100% placement

Feb 09,2017 - Business Line (BLoC)
IIM Tiruchirappalli PG programmes get Equivalence Certificate

Feb 09,2017 - Hindustan Times , Dinamalar
IIM Tiruchirappalli PGPM now equivalent to a master from an Indian university

Feb 09,2017 - Business Standard , India Today , NIR Press
IIM Bill tabled in Lok Sabha

Feb 09,2017 - Times of India
Now, IIM-Tiruchirappalli PGP diploma equivalent to Univ Master's degree

Feb 09,2017 - The Hindu
PG programme of IIM-Tiruchirappalli gets new status

Feb 08,2017 - Business Line (BLoC)
IIM Tiruchirappalli PG programmes get Equivalence Certificate

Feb 08,2017 - Deccan Chronicle
IIM-Tiruchirappalli PG Prog equivalent to master's degree

Feb 01,2017 - The Times of India CITY
Tamil Nadu to get 1st 800MW thermal plant

Jan 17,2017 - ET Energy World , Dinamani
Solar power plant of 2 Megawatt capacity to power IIM-Trichy campus

Jan 17,2017 - Deccan Chronicle
In a first, 2 MW solar plant installed in IIM, Tiruchirappalli

Jan 17,2017 - The Indian Express
2 MW solar plant to power IIM Tiruchirappalli new campus

Jan 17,2017 - The Hindu
IIM - Tiruchirappalli taps solar power

Jan 05,2017 - The Hindu , The Times of India
IIM Tiruchirappalli celebrated it's sixth foundation day

Dec 21,2016 - The Economic Times
Should you use NPS Tier II account instead of mutual funds

Dec 05,2016 - Business India
Brand Positioning - Guest Column

Nov 29,2016 - ET CASES (Enabling Decisions)
IIM Tiruchirappalli - ET Cases Collaboration For Case Sourcing

Nov 23,2016 - MBA
IIM Tiruchirappalli: CAT 2016 gets 50% weight in Admission Criteria

Nov 14,2016 - Business Line (BLoC)
E-Summit 16

Nov 04,2016 - The Hindu
IIM Tiruchirappalli annual HR Conclave - Nov 5

Oct 31,2016 - The Hindu
Campus Connect - DHRUVA

Oct 26,2016 -
IIM Tiruchirappalli Celebrates Its Management And Cultural Festival : Dhruva 16

Oct 09,2016 - Business Standard
IIM-Tiruchirappalli to become global institute in 10 years: Management

Oct 08,2016 -
Mahindra War Room Season 9: IIM Tiruchirappalli Hosts Campus Round

Oct 03,2016 - The Hindu
Campus Connect : SPIC-MACAY

Oct 01,2016 - BLOnCampus
IIM-Tiruchirappalli students treated to Kathak performance

Sep 22,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli plans management and cultural festival

Sep 14,2016 - Hindustan Times
Why IIM want diversity in the classroom

Sep 11,2016 -
Make A Difference - IIM Tiruchirappalli

Jun 27,2016 - The Hindu
Campus Connect - Tiruchirappalli

Jun 25,2016 - The Times of India
New IIM-Tiruchirappalli batch inaugurated

Jun 23,2016 - The Times of India
IIM-Tiruchirappalli increases batch intake by 70

Jun 21,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli increases PG programme intake

Jun 19,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli new campus to get wi-fi facility

Jun 18,2016 - The Hindu
IIM Tiruchirappalli signs pact with ICSI for Signature Award

Jun 16,2016 - Deccan Chronicle

Mar 24,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli to have state-of-art amphitheatre classrooms

Mar 21,2016 -
Holi Celebration At IIM Tiruchirappalli

Mar 16,2016 - The New Indian Express
Learn from Failures,Graduates Told

Mar 16,2016 - The Hindu
Managers should prove their worth, says Rediff CEO

Mar 15,2016 - The Hindu
Business managers need to digitally transform their companies: Ajit Balakrishnan

Feb 22,2016 - MBA
IIM Tiruchirappalli Placement 2016

Feb 19,2016 -
IIM Tiruchirappalli final placement: Rise in highest salary by 22.1%

Feb 19,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli students land plum jobs

Feb 18,2016 - Times of India
Record placements at IIM-T, CTC up by 22%

Feb 17,2016 - Business Standard
IIM Placements: Highest salary increases by 22.1% at IIM Tiruchirappalli

Feb 04,2016 - MBA
IIM Tiruchirappalli: summer placement 2015-17; gets 71% increase in highest stipend

Feb 03,2016 - The Hindu
All students of IIM Tiruchirappalli get placement

Feb 03,2016 - Hindustan Times
Two students from IIM Trichy bag highest international stipend

Feb 02,2016 - The Hans India
IIM Tiruchirappalli and Symbiosis to represent India

Feb 01,2016 - The Times of India
IIM-Tiruchirappalli and SCMHRD win CFA research competition

Jan 08,2016 - The Economic Times
Hiring by manufacturing companies like Hinduja, Honda, Hyundai, TVS rises by up to 40%

Jan 05,2016 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli will move to its own campus in June

Dec 15,2015 - Deccan Chronicle
IIMT PG Course Rated high

Dec 15,2015 - The New Indian Express
IIM-Tiruchirappalli Gains Entry into CFA Institute University Recognition Programme

Dec 02,2015 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli gets CFA programme

Dec 01,2015 - The Economic Times
IIM-Tiruchirappalli PG programme in management gets CFA recognition

Nov 30,2015 - Business Standard
IIM Tiruchirappalli to be part of CFA University Recognition Programme

Nov 07,2015 - The Hindu
IIM annual fest to begin today

Nov 06,2015 - The Hindu
IIM annual fest on November 7, 8

Oct 10,2015 - The Times of India
IIM Tiruchirappalli celebrates the joy of giving

Sep 30,2015 - The Hindu
SPIC MACAY launched at IIM

Sep 10,2015 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli makes social projects compulsory for PG students

Aug 19,2015 - The Hindu
IIM-Trichy student wins global award-2015

Jun 29,2015 - MBA Universe
IIM Tiruchirappalli commences academic session 2015-16 with 113 students in flagship PGP batch 2015-17

Apr 23,2015 - Career India
IIM Tiruchirappalli records 100% placement for its PG 2013-15 batch

Apr 23,2015 - Sakshipost , Business Standard
Rs 19.5 lakh Salary for IIM Tiruchirappalli student

Apr 23,2015 - Ideas Make Market
IIM Tiruchirappalli Placements 2015 : Average Salary at 11.32 lacs

Apr 23,2015 - News World India
IIM Tiruchirappalli Student Gets Rs. 19.5 Lakh Salary Offer

Apr 23,2015 - NDTV
IIM Tiruchirappalli Student Offered Rs. 19.5 Lakh Salary

Apr 23,2015 - The New Indian Express
IIM-Tiruchirappalli Completes Final Placements, Claims,19.5 Lakh Per Annum Highest Package Offered

Apr 23,2015 - The New Indian Express
IIM-Tiruchy Completes Final Placements, Claims,19.5 Lakh Per Annum Highest Package Offered

Apr 22,2015 - MBA Universe
IIM Tiruchirappalli sees 100% Placement 2015: IT/ITeS Analytics and BFSI dominate the show

Apr 22,2015 - The Hindu
103 students land jobs in IIMT final placement

Apr 22,2015 - The Times of India
IIM-Trichy records 100% placement, average salary up

Feb 14,2015 - The Hindu Businessline
IIM- Trichy Completes Summer Placements

Feb 06,2015 - The Hindu
IIM-Tiruchirappalli Team Excels At "Investment Olympics"

Jan 02,2015 - The Hindu Businessline
IIM Tiruchirappalli Wins National Round of CFA Institute Research Challenge