Open Enrollment Programmes (OEPs)

Open Enrollment Programmes (OEPs) of IIM Tiruchirappalli is equipping working executives and practicing managers with the necessary skills and capabilities to fathom the macro and micro environment of business. In addition, the participants are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills required to adapt to the changing business environment, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

OEPs offer functional and cross-functional specializations to executives. Participants will get to interact with the distinguished faculty of IIMT and executives from a wide range of industry sectors. Faculty members design modules to ensure that executives get a very rich peer learning experience where they understand best practices from different industries and at the same time critically analyze the possibilities and modalities of applying them in their own organizations.

OEPs are delivered from both campuses of IIM Tiruchirappalli, one in the capital of the state – Chennai and another, the main permanent campus at Tiruchirappalli. It provides options for Individuals and Organizations to choose the venue conveniently.

Participants attending OEPs for specific number of days are eligible to become alumni of the institute.

Upcoming Programmes

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